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LIPZU was recently reviewed by The Advice Sisters. You can find the entire review by going to this link.

The LIPZU review is provided below:

For example, consider Daisy, the CEO of Lipzu. She is just 11 years old (she was 10 when she started the company). No, this isn’t a typo.  Daisy looked at the effective but kind of boring lip balms adults make for themselves, and decided to make hers into adorable rolly-polly “animal pets” that beg to be carried in your purse or pocket.

The round lip balms are clear, and nurture your lips with 99% certified organic ingredients including Vitamin E, shea butter, and Jojoba Oil. They are also paraben and petroleum-free.  LipZu comes in flavors such as peachy, minty tweetberry, cottoncandy, zesty, rosie and lemonpaw (just to name a few).

“Minty” a blue seal, with a slight minty taste, has been my little companion for a couple of weeks now, hydrating my lips whenever they feel dry, and I always crack a smile when I see him, but my lips, never crack!

the nature friendly lip balm

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