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Ashton, MD – July 20, 2016

11-year old Daisy Creel is waging a letter-writing campaign to try and stop stores from gender-stereotyping toys.

The incoming 7th grader from suburban Maryland also runs a successful lip balm company called Lipzu®. 

“Why are there ‘boy’ and ‘girl’ toys anyway?” Daisy asks. “Why can’t we just have… toys? Kids can then choose whatever they want. It may not seem like a big deal but I think it makes kids less confident and more self-conscious, always being told what to play with.”

Daisy describes herself as “a kid who likes to ride bikes and get dirty.” But she doesn’t like the ‘tomboy’ label. “I’m just Daisy,” she says.

She is hoping her letters, sent to all the major toy retailers, will not fall on deaf ears.  “I’m not ‘just a kid'” she says, “I am a customer and I hope they will listen to me. I think stores could sell even more toys if they stop categorizing them for boys or girls. For example, I was looking on toysrus.com recently and Transformers didn’t come up under the girls’ category. Does that mean I can’t buy it?”

Daisy’s company is run entirely by kids, another way she hopes to show the adult world that young people are important and often have good ideas.  “It’s easy to overlook us,” she says, “but kids can be pretty smart.”

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